Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Latin: He Conquers Who Conquers Himself

Jesus, I trust in You

Our two novels are kinda difficult to find, so here's a link to our two novels: 'King Size' and 'Common Cents', the rogue conduit to Heaven. "Who's OttoMann?? Who's BoxxaRoxx? Who's -blessed holy socks, the Czechmate?? I'm kornfused." I gotta lotta pennames, nom d'plume's. Yes, I will donate most of what I have to clarity-O-charity precisely because it wasn't me who gave this in the first place; I'm simply the steward and, believe-you-me, each one of U.S. will in fact be asked what we did withe gifts we were given. We cannot be greedy and self-righteous our whole lives or else Jesus got sumtin' to say when you're at the General Judgment: live for Heaven, live for Jesus, and receive pleasure-beyond-measure in the Heavenly Great Beyond for eternity...
God bless you.

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